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Our Favorite New Privacy Films for February

We are very excited to welcome four new styles to our always expanding lineup of exclusive privacy glass films.

Each of these films represent a very different style and aesthetic but all four are great ways to create privacy in your space. Shop our newest products now or click to continue reading to learn more about our latest styles.

SOLYX® SX-SC667 Ice Fern This textured privacy film is a great way to obscure interiors while allowing the maximum amount of light into your space. Also an ideal film style for shower doors. Static cling, non-adhesive, fully removable and reusable.

SOLYX® SX-SC679 Florentine Simulates the classic Florentine glass pattern at a fraction of the cost. This film allows plenty of light through while still providing some decorative privacy. Static cling, non-adhesive window film, fully removable and reusable.

SOLYX® SX-1544 Rain Glass Achieves the look of Textured Rain Glass without the hassle and expense of replacing your windows. Semi-Obscures direct visibility. This is the adhesive version of the static cling Rain Glass SX-SC544.

SOLYX® SX-3065 Spectrum Transparent Dichroic Film The vivid colors of this dichroic film change as the viewing angle changes making this film a wonderful way to add a vibrant splash of color to your world. This polyester film has a Scratch Resistant (SR) coating and a pressure sensitive adhesive with a removable release liner.

4 thoughts on “Our Favorite New Privacy Films for February”

  1. I am looking at the SX-3140 Dusted Crystal Film for a 74″ w. window. Since the widest roll is only 60″w. how do you recommend installing the film?

    1. For windows that are wider than the available width of SOLYX® films, Industry standards allow for seaming. Standard installation for seaming is a butt-join type seam. The films are overlapped and cut through with a sharp blade using a straight edge. The excess films are removed. A slight light line may appear. This is normally the width of the blade point. This is acceptable.

  2. I’m looking for a Privacy film for the side panels next to my front door. I would like one that lets light in but no one from the outside can see inside. Which ones would you recommend? Also are they the price you see online?

    1. Here is our one-way film: SOLYX SX-SG09 Silver Grey One Way

      SOLYX: SX-SG09 SILVER / GREY One Way Privacy Films: SOLYX Dual Color 9% privacy one way film provides excellent one way visibility and provides daytime privacy. The Adhesive side is silver and the viewing side is a dark grey which reduces reflection. It allows you to see outside, but stops others from seeing in during the day. However, you can see in at night if you have lights on inside. You would still need window coverings at night as you can always see from the darker to the lighter side of the glass.

      The Privacy Control Mirror film has been designed to provide DAYTIME PRIVACY ONLY. Wherever the greater source of light is, that is the side where the mirror or reflectivity will be. During the day, the greater source of light is the sun. Therefore when looking into your home from the outside you will see a mirror image. When looking from the inside of the home to the outside, you will be able to see clearly.

      During the night: Since the greater source of light will be the lighting in your home, when you look out your window, you will see the reflectivity or mirror image. Someone looking into your window from the outside will be able to see in if the lights are on indoors. Decorative Films, LLC. Offers a film with low interior reflectivity and higher outward reflectivity (SX-SG09 Silver/Grey One Way), so night time reflectance is greatly reduced. There is no technology at this time to make a window film (or glass) truly “one way” under all lighting conditions.

      The Privacy Control Frosted or Opaque Films provide 24-hour privacy and diffuses natural light. It provides the same appearance as frosted or sand-blasted glass.

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