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Don’t Let Spring Sun Ruin your Valuable Furnishings

Spring is already here and for some of us the sun’s relentless rays are here as well. Why let sunlight ruin your valuable Furniture, Floors and Artwork, when the solution could be as simple as applying one of our High-Quality SOLYX® UltraCool Window Films?

  • Fading, discoloration and fabric damage are the downsides of the sunlight. Three main culprits in the spectrum of light: UVA and UVB rays cause 45 percent of the damage; heat/infrared radiation causes 25 percent; and visible light causes 25 percent.
  • SOLYX® Window Films are among the best ways to deal with sun and light issues in your home.
  • Residential window tints can significantly reduce heat, save on energy bills without changing the look of existing windows or doors.

Minimize indoor sun damage and maximize your home’s vibrancy with any of our SOLYX® UltraCool Window Films which block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays and offer a variety of levels of light transmission!

Click Continue Reading below to Learn More about which SOLYX® UltraCool style is right for your home or office.

We offer a variety of different SOLYX® UltraCool Window Films with different levels of light transmission depending on your needs, and specifically the amount of light and glare that you are attempting to reduce. Keep reading to learn more about which UltraCool films will work best for you.


SOLYX® UltraCool-S6060 NOMINAL HEAT REJECTION Film. UltraCool-S6060 60% VLT Light Silver window film maintains high light transmission while rejecting 43% Solar Heat and allows 57% light transmission. This film also blocks out 99% of the UV rays! This film barely shows on windows, so you receive the benefits of the Heat and UV Blocking while maintaining views and aesthetics.

SOLYX® UltraCool-S3560 Heat Rejection Film. UltraCool-S3560 35% VLT Neutral Window Film maintains a minimal light reduction. A 65% Solar heat rejecting film with 35% light transmission. This film also blocks out 99% of the UV rays! This film shows slightly darker on windows similar to a light automotive tint.

SOLYX® UltraCool-S1560 Heat Rejection Film. UltraCool-S1560 15% VLT Silver reflective Window Films (78% Heat rejection) set the industry standard as one of the most powerful and economical solar heat rejecting films available while maintaining minimal light reduction. 14.5% visible light transmission. A window film with fantastic solar performance specifications which still provides the preferred appearance for residential applications These films also block out 99% of the UV rays! This film shows the darkest on windows similar to a dark automotive tint.


SOLYX® UltraCool-IR8360 IR and UV Blocking Solar Film. UltraCool-IR8360 IR and UV Blocking Solar Film is a premium grade, very light blue Nano Ceramic Polyester Film with Spectrally Selective IR Blocking Properties. This film is excellent for heat, UV fade control. Manufactured with a silicone liner, which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Perfect for high visibility, fade protection and heat reduction. Also a great solution for automotive windshield applications.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Spring Sun Ruin your Valuable Furnishings”

    1. Hey Rose! If you are just looking to cut the glare I would suggest our UltraGlare® Films which are designed to reduce the brightness levels in direct sun, another option would be one of our more opaque Frosted Films which will also help reduce the amount of light. Either way we encourage you to order some Free Samples so that you can try them out in your environment to see which works best for you.

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