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SOLYX: UltraCool-S1560 Heat Rejection Film. UltraCool-S1560 15% VLT Silver reflective window films (78% Heat rejection)set the industry standard as one of the most powerful and economical solar heat rejecting films available while maintaining minimal light reduction. 14.5% visible light transmission. A window film with fantastic solar performance specifications which still provides the preferred appearance for residential applications These films also block out 99% of the UV rays! Priced per ft. Order the length (quantity) needed x 60" wide.

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1 Question asked on UltraCool-S1560 15% VLT Silver Window Film

Q Pierrette • 05/14/2017, 12:45:57 PM Is the ultra cool s1560 film silver on the outside or a more clear finish?
A 05/15/2017, 9:48:29 AM This material has a silver/mirrored finish on whichever side of the glass has the most light. For example, if it is bright outside during the day, the exterior of the glass will have a reflective mirrored finish, while inside you'd be able to see out. At night however, if it is bright inside with it being dark outside, the interior of the glass will have a mirrored finish, while outside you'd be able to see in.