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Our Favorite New Privacy Films for April 2018

We are very excited to welcome four new styles for April 2018 to our always expanding lineup of exclusive privacy glass films.

This month we are featuring five of our SOLYX® Made to Size Films. These films are created custom for your windows based on your exact measurements. Our SOLYX® Made to Size Films are available in 100+ unique styles in a eight exclusive collections not available anywhere else. Read on to learn more about our Made to Size Films.

SOLYX® Made to Size Window Films feature a diverse collection of unique multicolored window film designs that can be Custom-Printed to your windows exact dimensions.

SOLYX® Made to Size Window Films styles range from our Elegant Collection featuring traditional and contemporary faux stained glass looks. To our Beaches, Macro, Diverse, Skies and Trees collections which provide an assortment of atmospheric backdrops for your space. We also feature Made to Size designs by renowned stained glass artist and designer Randolph Raum available in variety of shapes and sizes.

Made to Size Films are a great way to add privacy to your space and are also the perfect way to take control of a view that is less than desirable without having to resort to heavy drapes or blinds which block most light.

SOLYX® SX-IM504 Soaking Up Sun: This film which comes from our Made to Size Beaches Collection, which includes a diverse collection of full framed photorealistic, relaxing beach themed window films that can be Custom-Printed to your windows exact dimensions.

SOLYX® SX-IM504 Soaking Up Sun features a beautiful palm tree lined white sand beach and will surely transform any space into a tropical paradise.

SOLYX® SX-IM607 Layered Hues: This film comes from our Made to Size Macro Collection  featuring a variety of beautiful magnified details of nature and the world around us, which can of course be Custom-Printed to your windows exact dimensions.

SOLYX® SX-IM607 Layered Hues features an organic look forged through the layering of various shades of transparent green leaves creating an instant park like setting.

SOLYX® SX-IM702 Coral Community: from our Made to Size Diverse Collection which features a wide variety of styles ranging from idyllic underwater scenes , to energetic cityscapes.

SOLYX® SX-IM702 Coral Community features a colorful life-filled coral reef that will make you feel like you are deep under the sea.

SOLYX® SX-IM801 Sky Pillows: from our Made to Size Skies Collection styles range from wide open pastures that stretch as far as the eye can see, to magical arctic northern lights at night.

SOLYX® SX-IM801 Sky Pillows features a big open sky filled with fluffy clouds a great way to add a relaxing vibe to any room.

SOLYX® SX-IM903 Spring’s Festival: from our Made to Size Trees Collection. This collection’s styles range from enchanting light filled forests, to color changing leaves in their full fall splendor.

SOLYX® SX-IM903 Spring’s Festival features vibrant scenery full of cherry blossoms in full bloom a perfect way to add a floral touch to your spread.

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