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Decorative Films are perfect for Glass Cubicles

The following post is our first in a series of guest posts where we have invited some of our partners to share exciting ways that our products are being used in all sort of different applications. Our first guest post comes from Taylor Landis of Skutchi Designs to tell us all about how perfect of a pairing our decorative privacy films are for their innovative glass cubicles.

If you’re already familiar with decorative film’s amazing application in demountable walls– and the dozens of other applications for their groovy films- then you may also be wondering if it works as well on cubicles with glass panels. As a cubicle manufacturer, we are constantly looking for ways to increase the functionality and performance of our cubicle systems but we also look for ways to enhance their aesthetic value as well. To that extent we teamed up with Decorative Film to give our customers more options when customizing their cubicles. The company was kind enough to extend to us a complimentary set of sample catalogs to see what it would look like on some of our glass cubicles.

We picked out our favorite samples and spent some time applying the films to a few of our showroom cubicles with glass tops. The picture above depicts what a professional installation of the film looks like on our Sapphire glass cubicle panels. We did decide, however, and quite optimistically I might add, to experiment with some of the more animated and vibrant films. But, before you get too excited, we are not expert decorative film applicators and we probably picked the worst possible options for an office cubicle. But, the project inspired some creativity and we had some fun. Take a look at a few of our favorites. (Please ignore any air bubbles).

We had initially intended to outfit each individual cubicle glass panel with its own print design and create a theme around the color palette but unfortunately, the sample prints that we received weren’t big enough to cover the entire panel. So then we thought about creating a collage on the panels with the prints but lol it came out extremely tacky so the pictures you see above were just the macro shots of each print over the glass panels.

If you can get past the terrible application and the fact that we were using small samples and, therefore, couldn’t apply the film to the whole panel, they do look pretty cool. Some of them are so realistic. I would imagine that some of the very animated films (the Manhattan office and the beach for example- as seen above) would not look very good on these types of cubicles (those with only glass top panels), but might actually look great on glass demountable walls- especially those constructed of single glass sheets- if you are trying to achieve a very dramatic look.

For an office setting, you’d probably choose something more subtle. For example, some sort of frosted glass pattern so that you don’t lose the glass feeling of openness. The variety of their films is actually astounding and can almost get you overwhelmed when trying to select a theme for your glass panels. But trust me on this. These types of panels need a very minimalist approach. So stick with prints in their textures section to achieve a subtle look while still giving your cubicle the personality that you desire. Remember, you can always change it up from time to time. I can’t stress how easy it was to actually apply and remove the films.


The architectural films are designed in a variety of light transmissions and transparencies offering different degrees of privacy. This catalog was comprised of frosted, light diffusing, and fine textured films. These would probably be the best selection for an office setting. They offer a higher degree of privacy than clear glass panels without taking away the concept, appearance, or modern look of glass. You can choose your desired level of privacy or add a little variety with a basic pattern such as stripes, dots, and squares or choose a unique geometric pattern. Some of these films simply allow for more privacy from your coworkers, while the solar and safety films provide more privacy between you and the bright sun peering through your window with heat blocking, tinted, and shading films.


The textured patterns consist of frosted patterns, clear patterns, and elegant textured static cling films. This selection would also be perfect for an office cubicle because of their simple yet elegant appearance. And, similar to the architectural films, they don’t take away from the glass panels, they simply provide more privacy and add a bit of flair. Here’s what a textured film would look like one of Skutchi’s glass cubicles.

Colored and Specialty

The colored and specialty film category is your chance to be creative. This is where you’ll find films like the beach, woods, or city skyline that I chose as my favorites above. Although these might not be the best choices for an office setting, there are a few specialty film options that would make a great addition to you glass office walls. For example, a chalkboard or whiteboard film. Can you believe that you could write on these walls with a dry erase marker? Me neither.

Transparent colored films are clear but colored; just to add a little personality and fun to your glass cubicle panels. The dichroic colored films shimmer through a rainbow of colors with a simple change in light or movement. Although beautiful and unique, the stained-glass films might not fit the best in your office setting. However, if you have the opportunity to make use of one of these film options, I definitely recommend it. Made to size films feature gorgeous, realistic themes inspired by nature. These would surround you in a calming and relaxing environment. You might even forget you’re at work.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite design today from Decorative Film’s massive selection of styles. The hardest part is picking which design you want! What’s your ideal work environment? Whatever it is, bring it to life. You can’t complain about a boring office cubicle now.

Author Bio:

Taylor Landis is the lead content marketing and cubicle specialist for Skutchi Designs, a national office cubicle manufacturer specializing in 2 unique cubicle systems and a proprietary demountable wall system that has been heralded by leading architects and designers all over the country. Taylor writes on everything from office interior design to cubicle installation to office decor. She regularly guest posts for major industries and websites, including sites like Coworker and The Economist. You may check out her latest blog posts at

Twitter Handle:


8 thoughts on “Decorative Films are perfect for Glass Cubicles”

  1. Decorative Films offers some of the best products and plenty of variety.
    Perfect for conference rooms . As a previous installer for a well established company in the DC , Maryland market , I have installed thousands of sq.ft. of material from this company. Each and Every time we have dealt with Decorative Films it has been a pleasure.

    1. Thank you so much for your positive feedback Frank. We value and understand the importance of keeping each and every one of our Dealer/Installers happy!

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