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Prevent Bird Strikes with SOLYX® Bird Safety Films

Make your Windows Bird-Safe using SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films.

SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films feature durable window films designed to deter birds from flying into your home’s reflective glass.

Our SOLYX® Bird Deterrent Window Films are the best way to put an end to birds flying into your windows and are the best way to prevent senseless bird injuries/deaths and potential damage to your property.

SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films are engineered specifically to allow birds to see reflective windows that otherwise appear invisible.

Create Bird Safe windows now with our Bird Strike Safety Window Films!

SX-BSFAC-02 Frost – $24.29 per running ft. SX-BSFAC-01 Color – $24.29 per running ft.
SX-BSFT Trellis – $29.86 per running ft. SX-BSFH Horizontal – $29.86 per running ft.

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