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Behind the Scenes: The Team That Makes Decorative Films Shine

The Heart of Operations Welcome to the bustling Decorative Films Warehouse in Frederick, Maryland. Our warehouse isn’t just a storage facility; it’s the heart of our operations.  Every package that finds its way to you starts here, where we design, fabricate, cut, roll, pack, and ship our products, ensuring orders arrive to our customers in pristine condition.

The Hands that Care We wouldn’t be in business today if it weren’t for the amazing team behind the scenes in our warehouse. Their hard work and dedication are crucial to our daily operations. We’re grateful to have a team that supports each other to ensure every order is packed and shipped with care (and smiles while doing it!). This personal touch is what elevates every package to something truly special.

The Watchful Eye Here’s a glimpse of one of our quality control experts, Laney – not your typical supervisor, but a vigilant pup! This furry team member oversees the operations with keen eyes, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Her most important job? Maintaining morale. You’ll find her escorting fork-lifted orders to our delivery drivers and rubbing elbows with the sales and marketing team at their desks. There’s a vital role for everyone on the warehouse team when it comes to ensuring high standards for our customer orders.

Precision and Perfection The mantra here is “measure twice, cut once,” a principle that ensures precision and perfection in every cut. We sell our products by the foot- not by the roll, like our competitors- which makes precision a crucial component of our operations. This attention to detail showcases our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Final Touch When you automate operations, you lose oversight. Our warehouse team handles every aspect of our customer’s orders, from carefully building boxes to meticulously applying labels. It may take longer, but we’re proud to create jobs that ensure our customers receive a quality finished product. We provide the same level of care and attention to every order, no matter the size. That’s quality and dedication.

The Team Behind the Scenes Meet the hardworking crew that makes it all possible. This group of dedicated team members is the backbone of Decorative Films. Without their hard work and commitment, none of what we do would be possible. They are the unsung heroes who ensure that every order is packed with care and sent out on time, every time.

See beyond the product and into the heart of our operations, where every team member plays a crucial role in bringing Decorative Films from our Frederick, Maryland warehouse to your home.

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