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SOLYX: SX-1556 Fizzle Rain. Clear, glass-like, embossed vinyl privacy film, simulating rain running down on glass. Semi-obscures direct visibility. This is the adhesive version of the static cling Fizzle Rain SX-SC556.

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1 Question asked on SX-1556 Fizzle Rain

Q Alice • 05/11/2017, 11:16:25 AM What is the application process between static and adhesive? What are the pros and cons between the two? Does one look better then the other? I'm a home owner trying to install this ourselves.
A 05/11/2017, 5:01:41 PM Both Static Cling and Adhesive films are identical in installation! SOLYX® static cling window film has a great many advantages. One of the main benefits of SOLYX® static cling film is that it can be used many more than a few times over, since it does not involve adhesives. It can be removed and installed with ease, doesn't leave behind glue residue, and can be placed on plastic, Plexiglas, and ordinary glass. SOLYX® self-adhesive window film offers a more permanent application, ideal for high traffic areas where a more durable, longer lasting product is required. SOLYX® self-adhesive films that come in different patterns and shades are easily replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Installation instructions can be found here - https://www.decorativefilm.com/installation-instructions